Sunday, 23 February 2014

Top 6 Worst Movies in the Cinema History

Here is list of the worst films ever hit the big screens.:

1) Plan 9 from Outer Space:

Thanks to its mumbled plot, unbelievably odd dialogue, clumsy acting, corny production design, and ridiculous special effects, the low budget film of 1956 was announced in several occasions, including in a Seinfeld episode, as the worse film ever made and honored its maker, Ed Wood, as the worse director in film history. Plan 9, in short, tells the story of space invaders who aim to take over the world and raise people from the dead. The leading role of an old man in a Dracula costume who is coming out of the dead was shared by still photos of the late actor Bela Lugosi and by the younger, taller and balder Tom Mason.

2) The Conqueror:

Even though The Conqueror is the opposite of a low budget film, since Howard Hughes had invested in it about 12 million dollars back in 1956; Although it featured huge Hollywood star John Wayne as Genghis Khan, The Conqueror remains one of largest disasters in film history. When adding to its lack of reliability, poor acting, ridiculous dialogues and unbelievably stupid custom design the rumors that the shooting in an atomic testing range caused to the death of its cast of cancer. And when considering the fact that it was the last film production of Hughes who later became a solitary weirdo, the result has to be either a huge embracement or a cult movie.

3) Che!:

1969 Che! is yet another failed biopic that prefers to ignore historical facts and to depict living people in a ridiculous manner. In this particular case, Omar Sharif poorly plays Che Guevara while Jack Palance demonstrates his comedy talent in the role of Fidel Castro. At the same time, the screenwriters have chosen to ignore trivial historic facts such as all the part of the formative pre Cuban revolution. In addition, Che! was considered an offensive film in the South America countries and the Argentinean audience welcomed it with Molotov cocktails.

4) Glitter:

The debut acting film of singer Mariah Carey from 2001 had entered to the worst films list for setting new standards of sentimental kitsch in the anyway clich? genre of the rise to fame of a poor but talented girl. Glitter obviously targets her pre teens fans; it is the only way to explain the holes in the plot, the banal characters, not to mention the poor acting and directing.

5) Gigli:

The huge media attention given to the leading stars of Gigli: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or Bennifer, did not help it from becoming one of the biggest box office flops of the 2000s. Theoretically, the original screenplay did have a potential of turning into a decent dark comedy. However, the screenplay was written and added unreasonably changes and some romantic scenes were added in order to entice celebrity magazines readers. The result was so bad that Lopez acting seemed like a demonstration of delicacy and talent comparing to the other performances.

6) Swept Away:

By 2002, it was clear that only a miracle could save Madonna's acting career from being remembered as a sequence of embarrassing flops. The remake of the 1974 Italian film of the same name directed by Guy Ritchie, her husband and up until Swept Away was released, a critically acclaimed director was not the miracle you were hoping for, unless you were hoping to name Madonna as the worse actress in film history.

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