Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hostgator VPS Review - The Best VPS Service Provides

Virtual private Server means that you alone are the master of the part of the server that is assigned for you. If you started out your business venture with shared hosting and now your business has blossomed it may become difficult to manage traffic because of the low bandwidth. That’s when you know you need an upgrade and VPS hosting is the ideal hosting service for any progressing business.

So you thing you need VPS hosting? But baffled about which hosting corporation to trust? Well loads of companies out there offer VPS hosting but one out of the few companies to stand out in this cut throat competition is Hostgator. Hostgator has been offering VPS hosting for quite a few years now and trust me its services are outstanding.

Hostgator VPS

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Let’s take a look at the various services of Hostgator VPS hosting:

1.  Diversity and Cost of plans

The Hostgator VPS plans are divided into different levels. There are a total of 9 levels offered by hostgator. The higher the level the better the features offered. Also remember the higher the level the more it will cost.  Level 1 is the cheapest of the VPS hosting plans at $22.92 for the first month and can be renewed at $19.95. Level 9 can be availed at $180.41 for the first month and renewed at $219.95.

2.  Features of the plans

The more you pay the more you get. Thus level 9 provides the best features. It offers around 231 GB of disk storage, 3150 of allocated Bandwidth, 4435 MB of RAM and CPU configuration 5.94 GHZ. Level one on the other hand offers only 0.57GHZ CPU, 384 MB of RAM. Disk storage of 10 GB and bandwidth of 250 GB. As the level increases the features also get better.

3. Speed and reliability

The speed offered by hostgator for VPS hosting is excellent. With the help of the many high tech data centres located in various states of the US hostgator ensures it fulfils its promise of speed and uptime. Hostgator offers 99.9% uptime. Credit is provided for any unwanted downtime.

4. Customer Support

On the best services offered by hostgator for any hosting type including VPS hosting is the customer support. Its offers all important features of a good customer support like live chat, 24*7 availability, phone and email facility etc. Responses no doubt are quick and detailed.

Reasons as to why hostgator VPS services are recommended by us:

Affordable Rates and first class features

Hostgator offers a total of 9 distinct levels VPS plans. As the level increases so do the prices. The most ideal level is the level 3 because it can handle the needs of a growing business and costs only $44.92 in the initial month and then can be renewed at $49.95 and offers a 1.13 GHz CPU, 30 GB of disk space 768 MB of RAM and a Bandwidth of 500 GB.

The cost of level 1 is far less and can be availed at $22.92 for the initial month and can be renewed at 19.95 the problem with level 1 and 2 is that they are only partially manages by Hostgator. That means not all problems related to the VPS hosting are Hostagtor’s headache.

Level 9 is the most expensive but offers highly impressive features. Its costs $180.41 initially and then $219.95 and it offers around 231 GB of disk space, 3150 of Bandwidth, 4435 MB of RAM is accessible and a 5.94 CPU.

Excellent Speed and Uptime

To keep a growing business growing it’s important to have a website that is available at all times. With hostgator downtime is rarely an issue. It offers 99% uptime guarantee and also keeps its promise and also the servers operate at lightning speed.

Money Back Policy

Unlike dedicated hosting VPS hosting is included in the hostgator money back guarantee policy. If due to any reason there is dissatisfaction with the services you can choose not to continue and get a full refund. But make sure you cancel your account within 45 days of inception to get refund.


Hostgator VPS services are tried and tested services. Over thousands of customers use hostgator. So what are you waiting for? Go and choose your level today. Make sure you choose only what you need.


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